Maciej Korsan

Maciej Korsan

creativity & technology

Hi! I'm an universal frontend developer with head full of crazy ideas, loving to share my knowledge & experiences with other people.

I'm an active member of meet.js Białystok community, supporter of Hacklag Foundation and organizer of Programistok conference.

Follow me on: twitter, instagram, github, snapchat and tookapic.

Upcoming talks/events

WTF: What the frontend?! Workshop for beginners

2018-04-17 Hacklag


2018-04-09 4developers @ Frontend track

Your event / conference

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Past talks/events


2017-10-18 @ Meet.js Katowice // Strefa Centralna, Katowice, Poland

Programistok HTML/JS/CSS intro

2017-10-07 @ Programistok // Białystok Technical University, Poland


2017-08-26 @ Meet.js++ summer special // WSFiZ, Białystok, Poland

Web Browser's Laboratory

2017-06-21 @ Hot ideas and cold drinks // ExplorerHQ, Białystok, Poland

CSS Grid

2017-03-09 @ Meet.js Białystok // ExplorerHQ, Białystok, Poland

Web VR

2016-11-24 @ Meet.js Białystok // ExplorerHQ, Białystok, Poland

How to make your (Umbraco) website faster?

2016-09-09 @ Umbraco Poland Festival // METAFORMA Cafe, Kraków, Poland

Can I use... CSS4?

2016-06-30 @ Meet.js Białystok // SoftwareHut, Białystok, Poland

Frontend developer tools

2016-06-10 @ Kariera IT Białystok // Hotel Ibis, Białystok, Poland


2016-06-12 @ Rails Girls Warsaw // Daftcode, Warsaw, Poland


2016-05-22 @ Rails Girls Białystok // BPNT, Białystok, Poland

Frontend is an art - ukulele lightning talk song

2016-05-19 @ Front-Trends // Space Club, Warsaw, Poland